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Catholic Graduate Association of Nigeria

Motto: ... keep living the faith.

  • Who we are ...

    Catholic Graduate Association of Nigeria is a socio-religious association of elites and intellectuals who are graduates and are of catholic background. We are made up of vibrant young minds, readily equipped, intellectually and morally for the needed positive change in the society. Our main concern is to see that the youths live out the faith in all walks of life.
    CCGAN is an alumni body of Nigeria Federation of Catholic Students (NFCS). Becoming a CGANites starts from institution of learning where the members are groomed with the preliquisite of living out the true christian faith under the Grace of God. We are grossly involved in the affairs of the nations especially where our inputs has a lot to do in ensuring that the Catholic needs are preserved in the society. We are not independent of the Catholic church, but represent the Church where matters of graduate youths of the society are paramount.
    We keep up daily updates regarding CGAN online, please follow us in various social media, links are provided at the footer..

  • How we began ...

    The beautiful inventions of today were lofty ideas of yesterday. The sweet fruits we eat today were seeds planted yesterday by some departed generation. The beauty of every noble idea is the manifestation of its useful - either personified or thingified.

    What we know today as Catholic Graduate Association of Nigeria was an idea first muted by our forebears in 1993 during the administration of Rev Fr. Emmanuel Avi. For some reason, it remained an idea until 2003 during the dinner night event of NFCS finalist. On that solemn night, the graduating students of that academic session were formally inducted as pioneer members of CGAN under the leadership of Bro Eze, Toby Uchechukwu. Thus, the bold step taken by these brave, hardy and visionary ancestors of ours became the umbilical cord which tied us to NFCS St. Peter's Chaplaincy, University of Nigeria - our home where we lived the faith as students. And though, the pursuit of happiness has taken us away from the den of formation, CGAN ensures that we keep living the faith.

    Although CGAN formally took flesh in 2003, its membership stretches beyond that date. It is the Alumni body for all Catholic graduates of the University of Nigeria. Within her, ranks are Priests and Religious, Academics, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and good men and women, planted in various parts of the world where their faith keep blooming to the glory of God.

  • Why we start ...

    There is the need to have the alumni members of the Nigeria Federation of Catholic Students who are already in the wider society outside the university comes home to encourage and strengthens the young ones who are still in school. This idea and the need to keep in touch with each other after school days borne in us the dire need to have an umbrella association by name CGAN to bid us together.
    The objectives of CGAN as an association includes: 1. To unite all catholic graduates of Nigeria for a common stance in the affairs of the society. 2. To be a source of encouragement to the growing youths in the society, particularly those in higher institution of learning. 3. To build a network of assisting each others in business and job placement. 4. To be with each other at our various trying times. 5. To encourage each other in upholding our catholic faith. 6. To collectively build a positive society where justice and oneness reign supreme. 7. To be an advising body to younger catholic groups and help the church in managing the youths.

  • What we do ...

    We are committed to ensuring that the community we live today remember us for the legacy of living out our faith. We achieve these by identifying the needs in the society and proffers who we can collectively solve them.
    Furthermore, we ensure that the growing generations are guided in decision making with regards to their future by reaching out to them at some occasions in form of career talks, seminars, etc.
    We reach out to each other through the umbrella association and we unite once every year to share experience.

  • How we work ...

    Mostly, we carry out all works at institution of higher learning. These works involves engaging in some infrastructural development that are paramount to learning. Our sphere is not only limited to academic, we also invest in skill acquisition programs and startup programs.
    Some of our works are seen in building academic and faith library, establishing skill acquisition centers, involving in Church projects and sponsoring our career students with their entrepreneur project plan.
    We also have captains of industries and politicians among us who create jobs for the booming population. We recognize hardworks of our members ans members of our sisters association and reward them. ..

  • How to join ...

    CGAN start with being a Catholic students of institution of learning. Young Catholic students are prospective NFCSers and NFCSers are prospective CGANites.
    To be a CGANite, you need to be:

    • a Catholic
    • a university graduate
    • inducted into CGAN after graduating from school
    • registered and meet up your annual obligations
    CGANites are expected to attend CGAN functions which includes reunion and other social activities. This is where we unite with each other.
    You also need to register on our website and have an updated fee account. .

  • What we gain ...

    We are opportune to share in the knowledge of those who have been here before us. Our organisation offers a large avenue for partnership and networking amongst one another and with our sister association.
    We provide moral, monetary and political supports for our members in need of them. We create the environment of people solving.
    CGAN gives her members sense of belonging with respect to the community of catholic faithful. Our members are accorded the necessary catholic rites as other societal organisations in the church.
    We come together to take decision on the stance of the church on governmental decisions and champion our course in defending the catholic faith. Our members can be sure of our brotherly backups.
    CGAN also has life benefit program for her members. We can always be sure of wider supports from all part of the country. .

  • What we give ...

    We are oblige to support one another. We are also oblige to support the less priviledged in the society as well as the indigent students among us. We achieving all these from our annual dues and financial donations from members.
    We sacrifice our time in ensuring that the society we live today can be proud of us tommorrow.

Anything else ...

Catholic Graduate Association of Nigeria (NFCS Alumni) is a socio-religious association of elites and intellectuals who are graduates are of catholic background. Catholic Graduate Association of Nigeria (NFCS Alumni) is a socio-religious association of elites and intellectuals who are graduates are of catholic background.
Catholic Graduate Association of Nigeria (NFCS Alumni) is a socio-religious association of elites and intellectuals who are graduates are of catholic background